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The Floral Baker Frances Bissell

The Floral Baker

176 pp

ISBN 978 1 897959 54 1

£15 / $20

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What could be more enticing than the aroma of floral-scented scones or cupcakes wafting through the kitchen? Floral essences have long been used to flavour cakes, and crystallised flowers to decorate them, but when flowers inspire Frances Bissell's baking she does much more than add a dash of rosewater here, a spoonful of lavender jelly there.

The floral cook sans pareil, Frances offers such delights as Lavender and White Chocolate Caramel Cake; Mango and Jasmine Upside-Down Tart; Saffron and Rosewater Biscuits; and Peach, Lavender and Almond Tart. Savoury baking is also on the menu, with Wild Garlic Flower, Walnut and Cheese Biscuits; Lavender and Tomato Tart; Marigold, Olive and Manchego Scones, and other imaginative delicacies.

Giving easily-followed basic recipes for sponges, cupcakes, breads, scones, muffins and the other cornerstones of the baking repertoire, Frances Bissell enables both novice and experienced bakers to proceed confidently and produce delicious, creative treats.

Your dentist may not approve, but your tastebuds will ...

'All the pleasures of the kitchen and garden in one delightfully fragrant book. Frances Bissell's recipes are outstanding, brilliant in their simplicity and originality. A must for every baker's bookshelf.'
Fiona Cairns

'So thrilled with this by the wonderful Frances Bissell'
Diana Henry

Melanie McDonagh, Evening Standard

'One for all baking enthusiasts'
The Foodie Bugle

'... full of great ideas. Heaven ...'
Kay Cooks

'Not only are the recipes easy to follow, but Frances explores the use of flowers as flavourings in her cakes, pastries and breads in an original way'

'The award-winning cookery writer flavours a year's baking from the garden with ideas from liqueur de Violette to wild garlic tart.'
Emma Townshend, Independent on Sunday

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