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Traditional Moroccan Cooking Madame Guinaudeau

Traditional Moroccan Cooking

208 pp paperback with flaps and decorated end-papers, b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 43 5

£12 / $15

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Foreword by Claudia Roden

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its subtle blending of spices, herbs and honey with meat and vegetables. In Fez, the nation's culinary heart, the cooking has numerous influences—Arab and Berber, with hints of Jewish, African and French. The country's classic dishes are couscous, tagines or stews, and bistilla, an exquisite pie made with a flaky pastry.

Capturing the atmosphere of Fez, cultural capital of the medieval Moorish world, Madame Guinaudeau takes us behind closed doors into the kitchens and dining rooms of the old city. She invites us to a banquet in a wealthy home, shopping in the spice market and to the potter's workshop, shares with us the secrets of preserving lemons for a tagine, shows us how to make Moroccan bread.

Traditional Moroccan Cooking is the perfect introduction to a mouth-watering culinary heritage and a vivid description of an ancient and beautiful city. It offers a taste of the delights to be found in one of the world's great gastronomic centres.

'A jewel and an inspiration'
Deborah Madison

'A classic from which passion and enthusiasm come through on every page'
Claudia Roden

'Much, much more than a recipe book'
The Times

'Wafts off the page in scented waves'
Daily Telegraph

'Successfully evokes the magic flavours of Fez'
Nigel Slater

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'A marvellous book'
Elisabeth Luard, Sunday Telegraph

'If you want to savour authentic Arab flavours, Guinaudeau is your guide'
Glasgow Herald

'Delightful and authentic ... a knowledgeable, not to say scholarly, guide to the customs, kitchens and culture as it was in the Fifties, written by someone who had lived there for 30 years. I am thrilled to see that others have enjoyed this book enough to republish it.'
Frances Bissell, The Times

'A thoroughly literary affair ... Vividly evokes the gestures employed in the making of bread or the offering of tea, chronicles the effect of the changing seasons on the fruit and vegetable markets, and paints verbal pictures of the dishes to be cooked.'
Robert Irwin, Times Literary Supplement

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